24 January 2011

Weekend {Live}

This weekend consisted of homework, reading (LOTS of reading) and work. Oh, and of course a little cross country skiing. Here are a few snapshots of my weekend.

Reading & Homework

At Work - Bored

Cross Country Skiing

20 January 2011

Valentines Pizza {Eat}

Image found here

I think this will be on the menu for Valentines Day. Pizza and love. Best of both worlds!

19 January 2011

Cross Country Skiing Adventure {Live}

My mom and I decided to take up cross country skiing. We have a fairly large park outside of our house, which is perfect for skiing. We strapped on our skis and took off! We ended up doing 12 laps, both Sunday and yesterday. It felt great to get fresh air! Once you have been doing for a while, you get a rhythm going and the swish of the skis gets almost therapeutic. It's a great time to do some thinking, while still getting some exercise. Really good exercise.

13 January 2011

Back to School {Live}

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, it's the first week back to school. This semester, I am taking 2 design classes-document production and visual communications II (last semester I had the first part, where I did the infographic and iPad application on exam stress for high school students). I also have a theory class, a project management class and a creativity and innovation/entrepreneurship class. I like that this semester we have more design classes and I think the creativity and innovation one will be beneficial for Information Design and it's processes.
Personally, I hate the first week or two of school because it's so overwhelming with information for the whole semester crammed into a 15 minute introduction. I also hate the feeling of not being the rhythm/schedule of the semester. I like when it becomes second nature and you can just coast on auto pilot from class to class without having to look at your schedule every 2 seconds.
This semester, I have classes on Fridays (which I haven't had since first semester of first year), but not on Mondays. I think this will take some adjustment, but it still means I have a three day weekend!
So that's a quick update on my life this week and for the next 4 months!

10 January 2011

Break Time {Live}

Between Christmas, my 21st birthday and New Years, this break has been packed full of fun with family and friends. Here are some bits and pieces from my break!

07 January 2011

Dream Job {Design}

Sorry for the lack of posts here the last couple of days. I have been enjoying my last few days of freedom before school starts. Today, I want to share with you my current dream job (besides branding for small businesses).  My design style is more elegant and polished (think wedding stationary). Martha Stewart has been in the wedding and everyday life areas for many years. The style of her company (and for that matter, her wedding magazine) is very much up my alley. When I was doing my iPad application, I came across a video about the Martha Stewart iPad application. I instantly fell in love and while doing the project, I must have watched this video 50 times!

I decided (just for the heck of it) to look and see what kinds of jobs were at Martha Stewart. That is when I hit gold. I found this job. It's for an interactive designer and if you scroll down, you will see that they actually use the words INFORMATION DESIGN in the job posting.

This is the first time I have ever seen information design actually be put into anything. Most people want a graphic designer or information architect; they want a part of what information design is, but never the whole package. Considering I am still in school (and have another 3 semesters to go) and I would have to move to New York (which would be very cool) I will not be applying for this job any time soon. I an going to keep an eye out and maybe in the future I can have a job like this.

05 January 2011

Branding {Design}

I love branding. It is probably my favorite part of design. I love coming up with a logo that suits the business and it's goals. And then theres the identity collaterals (business card, letterhead, envelopes), signage, rack cards, print ads, web site, etc. I would love to work with small businesses and help them with their identity, maybe at a small restaurant or clothing boutique.

Here are a couple of branding/identity assignments I have done for school projects:

The Agrawal Group. This is for a financial company.

Thistle Dew Nicely. This is for a small flower/greeting card shop.