25 August 2010

Party Planner {Entertain}

If I were planning a big end of summer shindig, I would have:
 this dress

these tissue paper flowers - how to instructions here 


my elephant vase (original idea from here)


 these party favours (these are ones I had already made for a different event)

 these lights
 this whale watermelon fruit dish

 and finally these invitations (yes I know they are from a wedding, but they are so cute!)

23 August 2010

Desk Inspiration {Dwell}

I have had plans to revamp my desk space for some time now. With school coming up, I need a space that will be able to hold maximum creativity (and papers). I came across this Flickr page and instantly fell in love. She posts a picture of her desk each month. Here are my favourite 6 and I even circled what exactly I liked about each one. I really want to make a poster like the one she has that says "design, drink, sleep." I have a lot on my plate right now, but hopefully I have some down time soon to shop and decorate!

Back to School {Style}

As school is quickly approaching, my to do list is expanding rapidly. On top of everything I have to do, I need to go back to school shopping. That's what this look book is all about; a look for back to school. This one is from The Gap.

Vest - $69.50
Shirt - $34.50
Jeans - $69.50
Shoes - $49.50

This look is under $225.

This Year... {Live}

I need to step out of my design comfort zone more. I want to create something that is quirky and wild; something that people will look at and say "wow, Kathleen did this?!?"
Something that's not my usual clean, simple designs.
There you have it.
That's one of my goals for this school year.

12 August 2010

How to Wear a Hat {Style}

Jane Austen {Live}

When I was little, I would dress up like:
a) Laura Engels Wilder

b) Anne of Green Gables

I was always getting my grandma and mom to make me aprons, patch work quilts, bonnets, etc. I had Little House on the Prairie fever (I read the books numerous times, watched the movies and TV shows religiously). In fact, my first job (and for the following 3ish years), I work(ed) at a place that is a historical village and got to dress up.

After this summer internship is over (2.5 more weeks), I am going back there.As you can see from the tea party I co-hosted last weekend, it hasn't completely gone away. Recently, I have been really into Jane Austen, both the books and movies. I have started reading her books, and plan on reading them all. I also love the classics especially Wuthering Heights. Usually, I go on the computer before going to bed, but I have decided to devote that time to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Yup, that's right, I am starting with Pride & Prejudice and moving on from there. When I was in Victoria last summer, I went into a little second hand bookstore and bought P&P and Sense & Sensibility. As for the rest of the books, I have them on hold at the library (and if I like/love them enough, I'll go and buy them).
What I find so fascinating and inspiring about Jane Austen, is that she could write six novels in the 1800 and they are still popular, not to mention people can still relate so well to them. I would rather curl up with a GOOD book and drink a cup of tea on a Friday night, than go out clubbing (unlike most of my generation).

09 August 2010

Hiking Adventure {Live}

This weekend, I went on a hike. Most people that come to visit Canada and where I live, take advantage of having the mountains so close and a lot of residents take them for granted. Originally this was suppose to be a drum hike (hike to a certain spot and then have a drum circle, then hike back down). Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, so we decided to go for a hike closer to the city (and save the actual drum hike for next weekend). We ended up going on this awesome hike, where on the way back, we came down through the river canal/valley. Of course there was no water in it, but it was still really cool, with moss and ferns growing all around us! We had to walk/crawl down some logs and at points it was quite challenging. It was really cool be see how powerful water is; it can hollow out rocks! The weather was cold and rainy when we started, but slowly got better and better throughout the day. When we were walking back, I had to take off many layers and take out the sun glasses. Since the weather cleared up, we had a mini drum circle in the parking lot. It was a really nice day!

Tea Party {Entertain}

On Saturday, my friend and I hosted a tea party. She baked cookies and cake and cupcakes and we sat and drank tea and lavender lemonade. We also played Bocce Ball and watched The Jane Austen Book Club movie. We all dressed in our best and had a lovely time. I made the party favors; boxes (handmade) filled with tea and chocolate. I also made the place cards; they are butterflies that sit on the edge of your glass/tea cup. We also had cucumber, cream cheese sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. Very Jane Austen meets Anne of Green Gables.