30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

29 October 2010

Cockapoo Puppies {Live}

I have fallen in love with cockapoo (yes I know what you're thinking!) puppies. They are a cross between cocker spaniel and poodle. Meaning a big bundle of curly fluff! When I move out and get my own place, I will be getting one of these for sure.
Image found here
Oh, and I'm think Tucker or Lucy or names.

28 October 2010

Warm and Cozy {Style}

I realize I haven't done a look book for a while. We are in the midst of fall, so I though a warm and cozy look would be appropriate. I can picture myself curling up with tea and a book or going for coffee with friends in this look. Today's look is from J Crew.
Sweater - $94.40 {1}
Jeans - $98.00 {2}
Boots - $298 {3}
Shirt - $29.50 {4}
Scarf - $59.00 {5}

27 October 2010

Room Inspirations {Dwell}

Ever since I started watching HGTV and saw my first episode of Sarah Richardson, I have been OBSESSED with home decor and planning my future house for about a year now. I have searched blogs and other websites for inspiration. Here are my utmost favorites.

Note: Many of these images I have copied to my desktop. Unfortunately I don't know exactly where they came from!

19 October 2010

Halloween Dessert Buffet {Entertain}

Halloween is fast approaching and I couldn't help but fall in love with this buffet table. It's the perfect mix of food, design and decoration. The food is from here and the paper goods are from here. To find the DIY instructions for creating your own Halloween buffet, you can visit Twig & Thistle for more details. Such an adorable idea, perfect for this time of year!

17 October 2010

Spooktacular Time of Year {Dwell}

Halloween is drawing closer and closer and I have yet to decide on a costume (click here to see my past costumes). This year I don't have much time to think up something "out of the box" so I will probably go with something I already have.
I did however, get a minute to do some quick decorating aka ceramic pumpkin, 3 small real pumpkins, water bottle ghosts and some good old pumpkin lights.

Where I work, we sell fudge, which is usually sold by the piece. But lately, they have been getting creative with making fudge covered apples. They have made skeletons, eye balls, frogs and witches.

15 October 2010

Tea {Live}

Anybody that knows me, knows how much I LOVE tea. Any kind, blend, color will do. And of course I am obsessed with tea accessories. Basically, I am obsessed with tea. plain and simple. My friends call me a tea granny (at the ripe old age of twenty-almost twenty one!) because I always have some sort of tea in my hand.

14 October 2010

Postcard Wall {Dwell}

Young House Love created this postcard wall in their new office. I saw this and fell in love with the idea.


Ever since I was little, whenever someone in my family and friends went away, I would get them to send me a postcard (or multiple) and I still get people to send them to me! I have a whole box of postcards people have sent me.

I love the idea of displaying these as art, as well as being sentimental and a conversation piece. YHL have a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this wall; I can just picture having one of these when I move into my own place.

06 October 2010

Halloween Past {Live}

Halloween is less than a month away and I have started planning my costume for this year (now all I need to do is find the time to make it). In the past, I have been everything from a witch, devil, Belle, an iPod and last year I was "someone you can count on." Very punny.
One year I was Little Red Riding Hood; I wore and old red table coth as the cape and some man thought I was a drop of blood. Needless to say, I was mortified and offended and promptly went home after that!
I would always go trick-or-treating with my mom and we had THE BEST scheme. I would take a small bag or basket (depending on what I was that year) and my mom would have a big garbage bag with her. So every few houses I would dump what I had in my basket/bag into her bag and people thought I was "just starting out" and would give me more candy! It was the best!
I dug up some pictures of Halloween past costumes for you to enjoy!

04 October 2010

Glasses and Necklace {Live}

So here are my new glasses and necklace. I love them!

01 October 2010

Weekend Links of Things I am Loving {Live}

This awesome typeface memory game. Perfect for having your nerd friends over for a party!
This tub caddy. Perfect for designing and relaxing!
This ruffled duvet. It looks so cozy and very Kathleen!
These little ghosts. So cute!
These DIY pumpkin place cards. Perfect for thanksgiving dinner.
This mug. Creating + tea = my life.
These paper cupcake stands. Perfect for a tea party!