06 October 2010

Halloween Past {Live}

Halloween is less than a month away and I have started planning my costume for this year (now all I need to do is find the time to make it). In the past, I have been everything from a witch, devil, Belle, an iPod and last year I was "someone you can count on." Very punny.
One year I was Little Red Riding Hood; I wore and old red table coth as the cape and some man thought I was a drop of blood. Needless to say, I was mortified and offended and promptly went home after that!
I would always go trick-or-treating with my mom and we had THE BEST scheme. I would take a small bag or basket (depending on what I was that year) and my mom would have a big garbage bag with her. So every few houses I would dump what I had in my basket/bag into her bag and people thought I was "just starting out" and would give me more candy! It was the best!
I dug up some pictures of Halloween past costumes for you to enjoy!

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