31 December 2010

Setting Goals for 2011 {Live}

:: Loose 30 pounds ::
::
:: Get out of my design comfort zone ::
:: Learn a new language ::
:: Be less serious/factual and more flirtatious with people and life ::

 I'm not calling them resolutions, this year, but rather goals. Normally, I would make the number of resolutions correspond to the year (in this case I would have 11), but I decided to focus on less, more realistic ones. Of course these 5 goals are represented in the 5 ring necklace I have. Just a daily reminder of these goals for the next year (or so).

Happy 2011!!

23 December 2010

Exciting News {Design}

You have been very patient (sorry this took so long, there were some blips that needed to be fixed). Here is the big news....

I am proud to introduce to you...


...my very own personal website!!!

This has been a long time coming; I started thinking about and designing it in the summer and had a friend with a hosting business set it up for me. Just this afternoon in fact. I designed the entire thing. So basically it's designed by me, for me! I. Am. So. Excited!!!

22 December 2010

Stay Tuned...

I have something special and exciting to share with you. Something that has been in the works for a while and hopefully tomorrow I can share it with you!

20 December 2010

Happy Monday! {Design}

A church in the states decided to change up the traditional Christmas carols. They play them on their iPhones and iPads using the apps available. How awesome is that?!?! Check them out here!

14 December 2010

iPad App Design {Design}

Our final project for one of my design classes in school, was to design and iPad application. The topic was based on our infographic posters from the previous project. My topic was exam stress and ways that teens can manage their stress. We had to create the storyboard for the interactions of the application and design 4-7 screens.
I found this project very intricate and detail oriented. There has be be a reason for every element of the design and interactions.

The icon for the application

 The loading screen

 An example of what the quiz screens looks like

 The home screen

 The Body Care page

 The Organization page

 The Take Breaks page

The Relaxation page

I didn't have the capacity or time to create the final two sections (Sleep and Ask for Help), nor more of the screens for the quiz section.

13 December 2010

Bits of my Weekend {Live}

I started off the weekend by getting new dock icons for my Mac. I downloaded and learned how to change from here. In the comments on the page are some other people's icons too (that's where I got the Word, iPhoto, etc. from). Aren't they so beautiful? I love them. Very polished and chic. I also downloaded CandyBar (from here) to make it easier to switch the icons. It took me a while to figure out because I was having troubles getting the iCal icon to changes. Turns out there is something special that has to be done because there are multiple icons for the changing date. I just looked it upon YouTube and some 12 year old kid showed me how. 
I ordered the new 2011 Microsoft Office for Mac and the upgrade for Snow Leopard (I bought my computer 3 years ago, so I only have Leopard). I though it was time to upgrade some software to match my new pretty icons!

I spent the rest of my weekend studying for my History of Interiors final that is on Monday.

06 December 2010

Holiday Cards 2010 {Design}

Here are my Holiday cards for this season.

03 December 2010

Cute Nutcracker Party {Entertain}

This is the sweetest holiday party!

01 December 2010

Typface Terrorism {Design}

I saw this and had a good chuckle to myself. Do we really need fonts like comic sans and papyrus in the world, when we have such great ones like helvetica?