29 November 2010

Exam Stress Infographic {Design}

In class we had to create an infographic poster for high school students. I chose "Ways to Manage Exam Stress."

 (sorry it's kind of hard to read, but you get the jist!)

Short Rationale
The main purpose of this project was to create a poster that depicts a certain topic
relevant to Calgary high school students, while at the same time, keep a balance between typographic and graphical elements. Overall, the design decisions are as follows: I chose two fonts, Myriad Pro for the “body” text and Designer Notes for the title, headings and other “supplementary” material. I chose to use illustrative images to enhance the light hearted feel of the poster. The colors are bright enough to attract attention, yet muted enough to still be calming. The circle you see in the middle of the poster, serves two purposes: 1) a color legend and 2) representing the process of managing stress. Finally, the layout of the different elements creates continuity and flow of the poster. Overall, the typography, images, grid and layout of a poster have to work together to create a piece that will be successful in educating high school students on ways to manage their exam stress.

Our next assignment, is to create an iPad app based on this topic. Stay Tuned!

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