29 June 2010

Good Old Faithful {Style}

It's time for another look book. Today's look is for the casual and cute office look. Recently, I started a new job. I have learned a whole lot about fashion in the last 6 weeks. The high wasted skirt, belt, casual t-shirt and sweater is one of the standards at my work; everyone (well at the ladies!) wear this look at some point during the week. Hopefully, I will get my version together and shore it with you! Personally, I love the feeling of feeling a good deal, but some girls pay A LOT for their clothes. Today's look is from J Crew, a little more expensive, but definitely worth every penny! Good style and confidence are a girls best friend!

Skirt - $49.50 {1)
Shirt -$29.50 {2}
Sweater - $89.50 {4}
Shoes - $118.00 {5}
Belt - $29.50 {3}
Necklace - $55.00 {6}

The total for this look is under $400. This is quite a bit more than my other looks, but good quality clothes are worth their weight in gold (literally). And as always, you can mix and match these pieces with things you may already have to make more outfits.

22 June 2010

Bangs 2.0 {Live}


(I even cut them myself..not bad hey?)

19 June 2010

Things I Love About Summer {Live}

  1. tans
  2. fresh strawberries
  3. free the toes 
  4. beach hair
  5. showing some skin
  6. bbqs and picnics
  7. line-dried laundry
  8. the later afternoon breeze
  9. getting lost in a book
  10. lemonade
  11. ice cream
  12. taking the first plunge

17 June 2010

What's In My Bag? {Style}

I decided I am going to share what I carry (or should I say lug) in my bag. First things first. I already mentioned that I got my bag on sale at the Shoe Warehouse. I carry a notebook (from Chapters), pens and highlighter, for random ideas and design inspirations. The weather has been really crappy here the past couple of weeks, so an umbrella is a must. My sunglasses are from Bluenotes and my wallet is from Ardenes. I like carrying a wallet because it can double as a clutch if need be. The round lip balm was featured on Oprah a while ago, it's called Ballmania. I also have lotion (from Bath & Body) and a comb for those fly aways. I always have some sort of a smack with me, be it granola bars, 100 calories snack, or homemade trail mix. Finally I have my keys (nothing special there) and my make-up/odds and ends bag (from the GAP Outlet). It always seems like the bigger bag I have, the more stuff I "need" to carry with me.
Missing: iPod, cell phone and a water bottle.

01 June 2010

Ampersand Tattoo {Live}

I have been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now. My mom, being a nurse, doesn't approve, so I can't get one as long as I live in her house. But once I am on my own I am thinking of getting one.

I love the idea of an ampersand tattoo. It has that designer, edgy feel that I think my style has become/is transforming into. Most designers, etc. have a tattoo or some kind.
I fist got the idea from Kathleen on Jeremy and Kathleen. I want mine on my wrist like the image eon the right. But smaller and less bold. And maybe off to one side more.

Weekend Haul {Style}

I went on a shopping spree last weekend (sorry this post is so late), looking for work/play clothes. I found pretty much every thing on sale. Mostly things were 40-50% off their regular price.

What: Belt
Where: Banana Republic Factory Store
How Much:
regular $50
I paid $20

What: Tank Top (in royal blue and grey)
Where: The Gap Outlet Store
How Much:
regular $17 each
I paid $10 each

What: V-Neck T-Shirt (in black)
Where: The Gap Outlet Store
How Much:
regular $20
I paid $11

What: Jean Shorts
Where: The Gap Outlet Store
How Much:
regular $28
I paid $20

What: Leather Purse
Where: The Shoe Warehouse
How Much:
regular $40
I paid $20

I love a good deal and finding EVERYTHING on sale pretty much made my weekend!