17 June 2010

What's In My Bag? {Style}

I decided I am going to share what I carry (or should I say lug) in my bag. First things first. I already mentioned that I got my bag on sale at the Shoe Warehouse. I carry a notebook (from Chapters), pens and highlighter, for random ideas and design inspirations. The weather has been really crappy here the past couple of weeks, so an umbrella is a must. My sunglasses are from Bluenotes and my wallet is from Ardenes. I like carrying a wallet because it can double as a clutch if need be. The round lip balm was featured on Oprah a while ago, it's called Ballmania. I also have lotion (from Bath & Body) and a comb for those fly aways. I always have some sort of a smack with me, be it granola bars, 100 calories snack, or homemade trail mix. Finally I have my keys (nothing special there) and my make-up/odds and ends bag (from the GAP Outlet). It always seems like the bigger bag I have, the more stuff I "need" to carry with me.
Missing: iPod, cell phone and a water bottle.

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