29 June 2010

Good Old Faithful {Style}

It's time for another look book. Today's look is for the casual and cute office look. Recently, I started a new job. I have learned a whole lot about fashion in the last 6 weeks. The high wasted skirt, belt, casual t-shirt and sweater is one of the standards at my work; everyone (well at the ladies!) wear this look at some point during the week. Hopefully, I will get my version together and shore it with you! Personally, I love the feeling of feeling a good deal, but some girls pay A LOT for their clothes. Today's look is from J Crew, a little more expensive, but definitely worth every penny! Good style and confidence are a girls best friend!

Skirt - $49.50 {1)
Shirt -$29.50 {2}
Sweater - $89.50 {4}
Shoes - $118.00 {5}
Belt - $29.50 {3}
Necklace - $55.00 {6}

The total for this look is under $400. This is quite a bit more than my other looks, but good quality clothes are worth their weight in gold (literally). And as always, you can mix and match these pieces with things you may already have to make more outfits.

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