13 December 2010

Bits of my Weekend {Live}

I started off the weekend by getting new dock icons for my Mac. I downloaded and learned how to change from here. In the comments on the page are some other people's icons too (that's where I got the Word, iPhoto, etc. from). Aren't they so beautiful? I love them. Very polished and chic. I also downloaded CandyBar (from here) to make it easier to switch the icons. It took me a while to figure out because I was having troubles getting the iCal icon to changes. Turns out there is something special that has to be done because there are multiple icons for the changing date. I just looked it upon YouTube and some 12 year old kid showed me how. 
I ordered the new 2011 Microsoft Office for Mac and the upgrade for Snow Leopard (I bought my computer 3 years ago, so I only have Leopard). I though it was time to upgrade some software to match my new pretty icons!

I spent the rest of my weekend studying for my History of Interiors final that is on Monday.

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