22 September 2010

Five Things, Five Rings {Live}

I was browsing through my daily blogs, and came across a post from Making It Lovely. It really hit home for me; she was talking about goals and how she went to a conference over the weekend talking about just that. I am a very goal oriented person and when I read about how she was given a necklace with 5 rings symbolizing 5 things she wants to accomplish in the next year, I was instantly in love with the idea. So I went and bought myself a necklace just like hers.
The idea is based off of Maggie (a speaker at the conference) and her Mighty Life List. This idea inspired me so much! Now, while I'm waiting for my necklace to arrive, I will be thinking long and hard about what my 5 things I want to accomplish in the next year will be.

Random Fact: Most people make new years resolutions, by historically people made new resolutions in September (the fall).

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