09 August 2010

Hiking Adventure {Live}

This weekend, I went on a hike. Most people that come to visit Canada and where I live, take advantage of having the mountains so close and a lot of residents take them for granted. Originally this was suppose to be a drum hike (hike to a certain spot and then have a drum circle, then hike back down). Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, so we decided to go for a hike closer to the city (and save the actual drum hike for next weekend). We ended up going on this awesome hike, where on the way back, we came down through the river canal/valley. Of course there was no water in it, but it was still really cool, with moss and ferns growing all around us! We had to walk/crawl down some logs and at points it was quite challenging. It was really cool be see how powerful water is; it can hollow out rocks! The weather was cold and rainy when we started, but slowly got better and better throughout the day. When we were walking back, I had to take off many layers and take out the sun glasses. Since the weather cleared up, we had a mini drum circle in the parking lot. It was a really nice day!

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