12 August 2010

Jane Austen {Live}

When I was little, I would dress up like:
a) Laura Engels Wilder

b) Anne of Green Gables

I was always getting my grandma and mom to make me aprons, patch work quilts, bonnets, etc. I had Little House on the Prairie fever (I read the books numerous times, watched the movies and TV shows religiously). In fact, my first job (and for the following 3ish years), I work(ed) at a place that is a historical village and got to dress up.

After this summer internship is over (2.5 more weeks), I am going back there.As you can see from the tea party I co-hosted last weekend, it hasn't completely gone away. Recently, I have been really into Jane Austen, both the books and movies. I have started reading her books, and plan on reading them all. I also love the classics especially Wuthering Heights. Usually, I go on the computer before going to bed, but I have decided to devote that time to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Yup, that's right, I am starting with Pride & Prejudice and moving on from there. When I was in Victoria last summer, I went into a little second hand bookstore and bought P&P and Sense & Sensibility. As for the rest of the books, I have them on hold at the library (and if I like/love them enough, I'll go and buy them).
What I find so fascinating and inspiring about Jane Austen, is that she could write six novels in the 1800 and they are still popular, not to mention people can still relate so well to them. I would rather curl up with a GOOD book and drink a cup of tea on a Friday night, than go out clubbing (unlike most of my generation).

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