07 January 2011

Dream Job {Design}

Sorry for the lack of posts here the last couple of days. I have been enjoying my last few days of freedom before school starts. Today, I want to share with you my current dream job (besides branding for small businesses).  My design style is more elegant and polished (think wedding stationary). Martha Stewart has been in the wedding and everyday life areas for many years. The style of her company (and for that matter, her wedding magazine) is very much up my alley. When I was doing my iPad application, I came across a video about the Martha Stewart iPad application. I instantly fell in love and while doing the project, I must have watched this video 50 times!

I decided (just for the heck of it) to look and see what kinds of jobs were at Martha Stewart. That is when I hit gold. I found this job. It's for an interactive designer and if you scroll down, you will see that they actually use the words INFORMATION DESIGN in the job posting.

This is the first time I have ever seen information design actually be put into anything. Most people want a graphic designer or information architect; they want a part of what information design is, but never the whole package. Considering I am still in school (and have another 3 semesters to go) and I would have to move to New York (which would be very cool) I will not be applying for this job any time soon. I an going to keep an eye out and maybe in the future I can have a job like this.

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