13 January 2011

Back to School {Live}

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, it's the first week back to school. This semester, I am taking 2 design classes-document production and visual communications II (last semester I had the first part, where I did the infographic and iPad application on exam stress for high school students). I also have a theory class, a project management class and a creativity and innovation/entrepreneurship class. I like that this semester we have more design classes and I think the creativity and innovation one will be beneficial for Information Design and it's processes.
Personally, I hate the first week or two of school because it's so overwhelming with information for the whole semester crammed into a 15 minute introduction. I also hate the feeling of not being the rhythm/schedule of the semester. I like when it becomes second nature and you can just coast on auto pilot from class to class without having to look at your schedule every 2 seconds.
This semester, I have classes on Fridays (which I haven't had since first semester of first year), but not on Mondays. I think this will take some adjustment, but it still means I have a three day weekend!
So that's a quick update on my life this week and for the next 4 months!

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