04 May 2011

What I'm Loving Today {Live}

  1. Free time. To spend with family. Go shopping and have coffee with friends.
  2. Sunshine and warmer weather. Spring has (finally) arrived!
  3. Lavender pink lemonade. I could drink this stuff by the gallon.
  4. Going for long power walks. Getting lost in my own thoughts and music and just walking until I can't walk anymore.
  5. Being able to curl up and read novels and not feeling guilty about not reading  textbooks. 
  6. Having time in the morning to lay in bed for a while, eat my breakfast (not inhale it) and have a nice cup of tea out on the deck.
  7. Wearing flip-flops to show off my soon to be coral colored toe nails.
Summer break, you are simply the best!

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