19 May 2010

Elephant Tea Pot Turned Vase {Dwell}

I was doing my usual morning blog perusal and came across a post from Making It Lovely. It was about her daughters first birthday party, which I found totally adorable; she had tissue paper pom poms for decortions and chocolate silhouette cake. She had her table decorated and I saw this and fell in love!

I remembered that we had some of these elephant tea pots where I work. When I first saw them, 3 or 4 months ago, I thought they were cute, but couldn't think of what to use it for. Then I saw this and fell in love. So I rushed out this afternoon and bought one.

I have been really into home decor and such. Of course I don't have my own home to decorate (being in school, I still live at home), but I have been redecorating my bedroom from what I have been learning. I am slowly adding to my collection, so one day when I do have my own place, I can decorate it like crazy! This is my new elephant tea pot turned vase in action!

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